Gear box repair manual for Mercedes

Gear box repair manual for Mercedes. The car gear box is having problems such as the gear is jerked or can’t change gears, can only run 1 gear… You don’t know the cause of this situation and how to fix it? When you don’t know how to fix this problem, it will seriously affect the car and make you lose a lot of time and effort in the repair process. In this article, we will show you the causes of a broken gearbox and how to fix it (gear box repair)

How many types of car gearboxes are there?

The gearbox is an intermediate part between the wheel and the engine used to change the gear ratio and torque in the active wheels, it helps to increase/decrease the running speed by the external resistance.
Currently, there are 4 types of transmissions most commonly used as follows:

  1. Manual transmission
  2. Automatic transmission
  3. Stepless automatic transmission
  4. Dual clutch transmission


Let’s find out the causes and signs when the gearbox fails and how to repair the gearbox in the section below!

Causes and telltale signs

Causes of damaged gear box

Here are some causes of gear box repair failure

  • Mercedes Benz gearbox sensor faulty
  • Oil is leaked and worn out during operation, causing the gearbox to lack oil.
  • Do not change the oil for a long time, causing poor lubrication and poor heat dissipation.
  • The gearbox is flooded with water leading to mechanical and control system damage
  • The gear lever is loose
  • Gearbox is damaged. Gears, clutches, and steel sheets are burnt.
  • Due to the habit of car users in the wrong gear, change the vehicle operation mode when the car has not stopped.
  • Digital control box error


Gear box repair Recognizing signs

Let’s take a quick look at the most recognizable signs when a Mercedes gearbox has a problem so that it can be repaired more easily.

  • Shifting is not smooth.
  • Difficulty in gear shifting
  • When in high gear but the car speed is still slow
  • The transmission has a burning smell.
  • Unable to set number.
  • Gearbox makes noise.
  • Vibration.
  • Oil leak in the gearbox
  • Error light (Check engine light is on)
  • The transmission clutch is slow or worse, the clutch cannot be cut.

Instructions on how to Gear box repair

The Mercedes line-up is one of the most luxurious and modern cars available today, undergoing constant upgrades and additions of new features. Therefore, when a car part is broken without being repaired quickly, it will cost you a lot of time and money. Here are Instructions on how to gear box repair:

First, when detecting a problem with the car’s gearbox, you need to check the oil in the box because it may leak during operation, leading to oil depletion.

Next, if no leakage problem is detected, proceed to read and clear the error in the digital control box. Software and equipment to prepare to perform vehicle fault reading:

  • Xentry software: The best diagnostic software for Mercedes vehicles. When using Xentry, it will conduct error readings on the entire vehicle, then give the vehicle errors that are encountered and how to solve those errors.
  • C4 connection device: many devices can connect and support car coding and programming such as C4, C5, and C6,… However, after many times of using these devices, our technical staff found that SD connects C4 was the most stable to use.

After connecting devices and software to the vehicle, perform diagnostics and repair. After doing this process, you will know the cause of the gearbox failure. From there you can repair faster, saving a lot of time.

In addition, you can also download the latest Xentry software FREE (September 2022) here: Xentry Download FREE
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